If someone asks me, “What are your regrets?” I always say, “I don’t have one.” Because that is the truth. I don’t consider them as regrets more like lessons. All of the choices and decisions that I made either good or bad makes me who I am today. I left them all in the past and moved forward to be the best version of myself. But last week, I realize that it’s not the case. I have a regret. This photograph is the proof.

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7,107 Islands. 81 Provinces. 3 Geographical Division. 1 Country.
That’s the Philippines.

As a citizen, born and raised on this country; one of my dreams is to complete the quest in visiting its 81 provinces which is known as #Project81.

I started this journey last year and visited few places in Luzon and Visayas. I know I’m still far on the finish line but I know I can do it as long as my wallet permits.

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Phonetography (Tips and Tricks)

Phone photography or also known as Phonetography is becoming popular due to the powerful cameras being equipped on our smartphones nowadays.

One of the reason that I can think of is convenience and portability. You can’t fit a DSLR or even a mirrorless camera on your pocket right? Unless you have a pocket like Doraemon. So instead of carrying around traditional cameras or DSLRs, many chose to use phones to capture and preserve magical moments through photographs.

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