7,107 Islands. 81 Provinces. 3 Geographical Division. 1 Country.
That’s the Philippines.

As a citizen, born and raised on this country; one of my dreams is to complete the quest in visiting its 81 provinces which is known as #Project81.

I started this journey last year and visited few places in Luzon and Visayas. I know I’m still far on the finish line but I know I can do it as long as my wallet permits.

Recently, my travels were for a cause. My friends and I joined #LakbayTulongPH which has a slogan “Wander and Share.” As we visit the tourist attractions, experience the food, culture and activities the province has to offer, we also get the chance to reach out and provide a little help. With that, we can see the real thing; getting a glimpse of the lives of the locals.


Its really an eye opener and makes you appreciate the place even more and all the things that you have today.


As a novice traveler, there are 5 Ordered Pairs that are always with me.


1. Neck Pillow and Sleeping Bag

Being stuck in a vehicle while travelling needs a lot of patience for the sake of beautiful view and new experience. I don’t mind long travels as long as I have a neck pillow to give me little comfort on the road.

I’m not worrying on where to sleep since I have a sleeping bag with me. I will visit dreamland soundly while tucked under its warmth.

2. Cellphone and Power Bank

Not only used for communication but, it can be a Calculator, Flashlight, Calendar, FM Radio/Music Player, Compass, etc. that is essential for travelling. Time flies when you’re busy so play your favorite game on the those long rides.

Keep yourself busy by playing your favorite game installed on your phone. In that way, you will not be bored. You’ll reach the destination in no time, trust me.

As we all know, one of the downside of having a smartphone is it’s power hungry. A fully charged power bank will keep it moving especially on remote islands that does not have electricity.

3. Hygiene Kit and Medicines

Expect the unexpected. These includes mundane illness like sudden headache, toothache, LBM, body pains and the like. Those should not be a reason to spoil the adventure of enjoying the new place. Better be prepared.

Hygiene Kit should be to all travelers bag because even if you’re in the most secluded area of the world, it should not a a reason to be filthy. You might not know, your “forever” is nearby and don’t want to give them a not so good impression. You need to be cool, calm and collected with a heart.

4. Notebook and Pen

A new and beautiful surrounding creates inspiration and sudden burst of ideas needs to be written down before the thoughts will be washed. What’s the best way to take notes? The traditional way.

For me words written on paper is more personal since it is not just your thoughts, it is also your hand writing that makes it unique. I love the way you create a rhythm as you let the thoughts flow from your mind to your fingertips; channeling the information on the tip of the pen, creating swirls forming a word that turns into sentences then paragraphs.


5. Camera and Eyes for Details

I read a joke once that says “If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen.” I agree, documentation is one the best part while travelling. We capture the little and big magical moments and preserve them through videos and photographs to savor.

For them to last a lifetime, the photographs needs to be sharp. With a cropped sensor; APS-C type paired with 20.1 Megapixel, you will capture more details that will support your story.

Those memories are best when shared whether by print or social media. Equipped with WiFi and NFC, sharing it for the world to see has never been easy and you can use compatible devices for remote shooting.

With Sony E-Mount there is a wide range of lenses that will fit your photography needs. They have Prime Lens, Wide Angle, Macro Lens, and Telephoto lens.

Shoot till you drop. On one single charge you can get 420 photographs so you still have spare juice when the night comes.

Not all memories are made under the sun or clouds. They also happen beside a bonfire with guitar while roasting marshmallows, under the lamp post on an intimate conversation, on a cozy restaurant during a candlelit dinner, or getting the beauty of the milky way and star trails. Even in low light conditions, the camera can compensate with the high ISO sensitivity ranging from ISO 100 – 16000 plus a built in flash for extra illumination.

Take your photography to the next level. Embrace new perspective and take a selfie easily by the help of 180° tilting LCD screen.

All those features can be found on the Sony Alpha A5000. With those jam-packed specs the device seems heavy but its not. Since it is a Mirrorless Camera, it’s light and compact that will fit on your bag. You can bring it literally anywhere! It is a Digital Camera with interchangeable lens without the extra weight. The best camera for travelers!

A beautiful device will lose its meaning without your keen eyes for details. The camera should be our tool to see life on a different prespective; deeper and more colorful.

©sirkhes 2017


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