Sagada, Mountain Province

A post of TravelThoughtsPh encouraged us to join an out reach program #SAGADAngTULONG.

Their tagline is “To Travel is To Share” which aims to visit 81 provinces in the Philippines and extending help such as giving out School Supplies from the ByaHeroes (volunteers joining the outreach.)


There are 76 volunteers joined the project. We were divided into 6 groups to reach 6 Elementary Schools on the Municipality.

 When we reached Banaue Ifugao after being on the road for 9 hours starting in Manila, we stopped at Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant for breakfast.



We arrived in Canaway Inn Resthouse at about 1PM. Since we’re beyond schedule, they gave us 30 mins to settle in, change our outfits to shorts and shirts and went to Happy House for Lunch.

They served their famous Pinikpikan. It is a chicken which is prepared by beating the live chicken with a stick or they used the term “Killing me softly.”

After lunch, we went to Sumaguing Cave for Spelunking.

It is my first time to engage on this kind of activity so I really don’t know what to expect. I’m excited and nervous at the same time since I’m claustrophobic and tend to have a panic attack but I don’t want to miss the opportunity so I picked my courage and went for it.

To reach the mouth of the cave, you need to descend on a series of stairs. This part is a little crowded since it is the entrance and exit of the cave. But as you wait for your turn to go down, you can use this opportunity to carefully climb on the large rocks and take a picture which can be used as a Facebook cover photo.


We were accompanied by Theodore and Louis, our tour guides in navigating through the cave. Both of them are carrying a Kerosene Lamp that serves as our light.

There are 3 trek levels of the Sumaguing Cave. The first level has jagged and slippery rocks so you need to be very careful on your steps. There is a part there where it is inevitable not to touch Bat poops since they are all over the rocks and you need to hold on to rocks for balance.



The indication that you’re on the second level of trek when you will be asked to remove your footwear and be greeted by iced cold water from the cave. The different kinds of rock formations can also be seen here like Pig Pen, Sea Monster, Dinosaur’s Feet and the famous King’s Curtain.


These rocks has interesting stories so you need to listen to the Tour Guides. If Theodore’s with you, you’re lucky since he has a lot of stories on his sleeve that makes the trip extra fun.

The third level of the trek is not included on our itinerary but since we’re already there and we’re feeling extra adventurous, we convinced our guides to lead us there. Thankfully, we survived so you can do it too.


Unfortunately, we did not catch the setting of the sun at Lake Danum so we had our Bonfire instead.

We went to Lucky’s Shanghai Hauz afterward to taste their Yogurt and Chocolate Wheat Bread. I love the wheat bread. You must try it as well.

Later that night, we volunteered to pack the School Supplies that we will give out the next day for the outreach.

We woke up at 3AM the next morning so witness the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak. We experienced being on top load of the jeepney.



Unfortunately, there are no sea of clouds when we reached the Kiltepan Peak and Mr. Sun is shy, he showed himself at about 7AM.


We decided to have a Photoshoot instead.




We left the Kiltepan Peak after the pictorial. We went back to our Lodge for breakfast.


We started the Echo Valley Tour after breakfast.



The iconic Hanging Coffins of Sagada



We also visited the Sagada Weaving, the pioneer of weaving bags, shoes, souvenirs, and apparel since 1968.


We also tried the Lemon Pie, a citrus flavored pie. Usually, I don’t eat the crust of the pie but this is an exception since its soft unlike other pies that I tasted. Must try!



We went to Sagada not just to enjoy but to share blessings as well. We went to Tetepan Elementary School to give school supplies.



It’s a nice feeling to travel for a cause. You’re not just seeing the place, experiencing the culture, tasting the food but you have the opportunity to meet new people that has the same goal; to help.

I’m glad I was able to become a part of this team.




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