Back to the Past (Ilocos Part 2)

We overslept. That’s what happened on our Day 2 here in Ilocos Norte. Shame on us and shame on our friends on the other room who did not dare to wake us.

We performed our daily rituals and headed for the dining table for another scrumptious meal.


In behalf of our group, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Kuya Carlo and his family. They welcomed us warmly on their home. Thank you so much.

Back on the road, we went to Laoag, still in Ilocos Norte.


We did not miss the opportunity to take a picture on the beautiful Parasols.


 The next destination is the Highlight of our Trip. We had the chance to experience, Paoay Sand Dunes.

Its scorching hot outside the van, no wonder we arrived there at 12NN. So I suggest, you take this activity at about  8 0r 9AM. We rented a Jeep which costs PHP 2,500 that can be divided into 5 persons.

We rode the 4×4 jeep and the hot air was filled in with ear splitting screams and laughters coming from us. It is like a roller coaster without the loops and harness.


Our first stop on the Sand Dunes is the View Deck.

I don’t have ND Filters with me but since I’m brainy (joke! :D), I used my glasses. The result?!


Here’s another one.


We braced ourselves for another bumpy ride after that. Then second stop over, the beach.



Our next activity – Sandboarding

It seems so easily standing on the Sandboard but it’s not.

(Insert Debbie video here)

Another sets of ear splitting screams escaped our mouths as we went back to the drop point. All in all, the activity lasted for 3 hours.

THINGS TO BRING for Sand Dunes and Sand boarding:

• Sunglasses • Sunblock • Jacket • Water • Towels •

We also visited the Malacañang of the North. 





I love the whole structure of the place. There are a lot of things that be frames for our Photo Ops.

Then went to see the church in Paoay, the Saint Augustine Church.



The last destination is UNESCO’s best preserved example of Spanish colonial towns in Asia, but before that, we also visited Bantay Church and Bantay Watchtower.



6PM is their closing time. That’s why they only provided us 5 minutes to take pictures.

Then finally, Vigan.


Its almost 7 in the evening when we reached the City. Being in this place is like being pulled back in time. The time that PH is a Colonial Country.

We walked the long street of Calle Crisologo searching for food and souvenirs. Unfortunately, we can’t go to the Hidden Garden since it is already closed.

We went back to find a restaurant that would quench our thirst and hunger for Ilocano food.We decided to eat in Lampong’s Restaurant.

We ate and run (again) to experience a 30mins Dancing Fountain near the Town Hall which starts at 8PM. The show already started when we arrived, we ascended to a flat form for a better view and we’re glad about it since there is a portion on the show wherein all the water holes became active for a full effect thus drenching the people surrounding it in surprise.

It was indeed a spectacular performance of water, light and sounds.

After the fountain, we walked to explore the vicinity and we found ourselves in Plaza Burgos buying an empanada.

It is made of dough filled with grated papaya, Vigan longganisa and fresh egg for the price of PHP 30 and best to eat while it’s hot.

The experience visiting a place that became a witness how the rich culture of the Philippines was molded and withstand the time to tell the story is fulfilling. I will definitely go back.



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