Fall In Love With Ilocos

We would like to end the 2016 with a bang so we decided that our last travel for the year is Ilocos. After a lot of discussions, girl/boy drama (leaving FB groupchat) and sudden change of minds, thankfully we were able to push the adventure.

First thing that we did when we arrived is to visit our friend which we met in Sagada, Kuya Carlo and he provided us with a bountiful breakfast. Ilocos is 6-7 hour drive from Dau, Pampanga.

Of course we ate and ran to start our itinerary. 🙂

First stop, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.


After visiting the famous lighthouse, we went to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation which is still located in Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

With the clear blue skies and light to moderate gust of winds from the sea. Perfect for photo ops.



These rock formations were solely made from the forces of nature. I can’t imagine how it was created by time, water and currents. It’s amazing.


The name of the place,  Kapurpurawan is from the root word “Puraw” which is an Ilocano term for color White. The rock is white indeed.

Our next destination – Bangui Windmills which is good for jumpshots.



We had our lunch at the cottages nearby courtesy again of Kuya Carlo. His cooking skills are superb and I apologize if I will not be able to post a pic of the foods since I was too busy digging in that time.

We were about to leave at 1:30PM however, since our companions decided to fly their drone it became 3PM. I’m eating my heart out as I watch them control the aircraft. I really want to have one and so whoever will give me a drone (Phantom 3 or 4) on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, which is a few days from now I will surely love you forever. I swear that to the River of Styx.

Our journey continued to Pagudpud for the waterfall.


Kabigan is a one tiered waterfall that is located at Barangay Balaoi in Pagudpud which has a drop height of 80-feet and can be seen after 20-30 mins of trek. Just like any other waterfall, it is enchanting in my eyes.


We did not stay there for long, we only took a couple of pictures. Enough only to connect with nature and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the place.

We went to Patapat Viaduct after another 30 minutes of walking from the waterfall. Our van is parked on the bridge. Thankfully, there are only few vehicles travelling this way so we can stay on it.





We only spent 20 minutes since one of the rotors of the drone is not functioning. Pebbles found their way through the small holes.

Bantay Abot Cave came next.




Breathe in the moment. Nice place to reminisce and reflect.




I also tried a High Speed Photography. The result? Failed.


We manto the Blue Lagoon after this. It was dark then so I did not bother taking pictures. My friends decided night swimming but since the sea breeze is so cold and the waves are harsh on the shore, I declined the offer and stayed on the cottage instead. As I have expected, their swimming did not last.

We couldn’t enjoy the beach, it is almost pitch dark. Yes, no lights near the beach so we packed our belongings, and went back to Kuya Carlo’s house so we can crash for the night.

If you thought the night is over for us, you’re wrong. Freshly showered and dressed at 10PM, we went to a nearby river for our bonfire with chips and a few drinks.

There are a lot of stars and its a bummer that I left my tripod on the van and was not able to do a Long Exposure shot.

Instead, I busied myself naming the constellations. I was able to name a few so my High School Science Teacher must be very proud.

Weariness crashed over us like a tidal wave, so we went back to house and headed for the bedroom.


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